A wonderful day

Today is and will be a wonderful day. As fats progress on with my journey of gaatriv bypass it gets easier. If you would’ve told me this in , March 8th I didn’t want to believe it. Some days I have to temind myself that I just can’t eat fast, because it causes me to…

My life of RNY

First, Wednesday I have to have a scope done. To see if my pouch is big enough and to see the cause of my vomiting every day. I can only do veggies and full liquids. For anybody that says bypass surgery is the easy way out! They have lost their minds! 


Goodmorning,  I am so grateful this morning! I’m grateful for this life That I’m living. Not , because of any materials, wealth etc. I am simply grateful to hear, walk, speak the things we take for granted. Challenge yourself to think about your gratefulness! Even in your mist if any. 

Day to Day struggles RNY

As of tomorrow I’ll be 6 weeks post op from gastric bypass surgery. I must say, some days are more challenging than others. Some days I have regrets on did I make the right decision? Should I have waited? Was I so caught up in being small , becAuse I have been heavy all my…

Introducing Myself

Good Morning, Everyone! This is my first blog! I am so excited about this new tool that I’ve been introduced to. I’m here with everyone today to record my weight loss journey with you guy’s. On March 8, 2017, I had Gastric Bypass surgery(RNY). Daily I will report updates of my day to day on this…